Beaches in North Cyprus are awesome! Warm and sunny weather is one of the most important tourist attraction of  North Cyprus. 

North Cyprus has has  varied coastline and amenities for swimmers: luxurious beaches of big hotels or remote ones behind wild dunes. The Northern and eastern shores of North Cyprus are lapped by the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. All along the coastline are bays  where swimming and sunbathing can take place the whole year round. Besides these hotels owned private beaches there are also many pubic ones that the visitors can enjoy without paying any entrance fees.

Kyrenia Beaches

There are some beautiful coastline in the Kyrenia area and many different beaches to choose from although they are little bit far from the main city but it is possible to take a taxi or public minibüs called ‘dolmus’.

There are sandy beaches with many facilities or quieter more secluded ones for those of you who want to be alone. Most of them provide excellent conditions for swimming and snorkeling. Read More

Karpaz Beaces

The solitude is almost tangible and a trip to the very tip of the Karpaz one of life’s “unforgettable journeys”. Read More

That said, there is no doubt the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) slice of the island – some 37% land mass – is prettier than the south. The Karpaz Peninsular in North Cyprus can take your breath away.

The island “panhandle” beaches have pure white sand stretching for miles, but, astonishingly, without a single bather. You are much more likely to see a wild donkey among the dunes than a tourist.

Famagusta Beaches

There is no denying that Famagusta is a strange beach resort, since some parts of the city are rather run down and fenced off entirely. However, the beaches around Famagusta are amongst the very best that Cyprus has to offer. Read More


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