Kyrenia (Girne) is a city on the north coast of Cyprus, known for its cobblestoned old town and horseshoe-shaped harbor. The ancient Kyrenia Castle is a large fortification with a dungeon accessible by a stone bridge. The castle houses the Shipwreck Museum, with a shipwreck from the 3rd century B.C. The nearby Icon Museum displays religious icons inside the restored Greek Orthodox Archangelos Michael Church


Visit Nicosia, the capital of both North and South Cyprus, is currently the biggest and most densely populated city on the Island. The developing, urban, yet historic and charming city of Nicosia is the major centre for arts, culture, diplomacy and business. During your Nicosia tour you will visit Selimiye Mosaque (Aya Sophia Cathedral), the Great Inn (Büyük Hann) and The Bandabulya (Covered Bazaar)


Famagusta, also known as Gazimağusa, is a city on the east coast of Northern Cyprus. It’s known for its preserved 15th- and 16th-century Venetian walls, which are surrounded by a now waterless moat. There are sweeping views from the top of the moat. The Porta Del Mare gate has an iron door and a statue of a winged lion. The huge, honey-colored Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque was a Gothic cathedral and dates from the 14th century.


Visit Morphou which was founded by Spartans who brought with them the worship of Aphrodite. In the Middle Ages, the city was referred to as Morphou but also Theomorphou.[2] The Morphou area grew more than half of Cyprus citrus fruits. In 16th and 17th centuries, during Ottoman period, Morphou was famous for its export of linen.  During your guzelyurt tour you will visit St. Mamas Church, The Museum of Nature and Archaeology and The Blue House.

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